Easy to Use

Writing your own plugins is easy! The Oxide API gives you everything need to transform your ideas into plugins using the easy-to-learn Lua language.

Open Source

Oxide core is open source! You can check it out on GitHub and even contribute new features and fixes that you'd like to see included.

Fast Updates

Oxide is often updated and ready to go for each new Rust server patch within a day or less, often within a few hours of the patch release!

Getting Oxide

Oxide is currently only available through select approved Game Service Providers (GSPs). To see which server providers support Oxide, see this post.

"Oxide is one of those great modding APIs that let you do just about everything. What's more, it's easy to use and open source. I'd definitely recommend it."- German Hoeffner, Chief Information Officer, PlayRust.EU
"Oxide is a brilliant, lightweight platform for modding on Rust. It's consistently updated, extremely well-managed, a pleasure to work with and its now open source; we highly recommend it."- Steven Hartland, Chief Technical Officer, Multiplay
"I always recommend Oxide due to its simplicity and fast turn around for updates. I'm always amazed how fast you do it."- Nathan Harding, CEO, Streamline Servers