Oxide Legacy

Posted on September 8, 2014

As many of you have already noticed, the Rust legacy server files are now publicly available for anyone to download for hosting your own hardware. Previously we only handed out the Oxide server files to official GSPs as they were the only ones that Facepunch granted access to the server. As this is no longer the case, we have decided to release the Oxide 1.18 files so that you can install Oxide on your self-hosted legacy servers and make use of all of Oxide’s awesome plugins! It will also be much easier for you to develop your own plugins. Installing Oxide 1.18 is easy, check out the resource here – the instructions are listed on the resource description.

Development on Oxide 2.0 is progressing, but due to the frequent nature of updates on the experimental branch, releasing anything yet is difficult. You’ll see more progress and news when the Rust updates slow down and move toward a stable release. Currently our plans are to release Oxide 2.0 for “beta testing” to all Oxide Certified Providers when experimental updates slow to the point when releasing Oxide updates in sync with Rust updates is feasible. Providers will be free to offer Oxide for their customers as they so wish. Please email gsp@rustoxide.com for more information.

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