The Next Big Rust Update

Posted on May 4, 2014

So, as I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve been following the dev blogs (if not, read them through at, there is a pretty big Rust update coming.

There will be changes to pretty much every single part of the code. All these new features and changes are great, of course, but what does it mean for the modding scene?

Well basically, Oxide will break. Completely. I’ll be looking at the dev branch over the next week and working on patching Oxide into it, but there’s an extremely good chance that many hooks will be removed or changed in some way. All of your plugins will stop working. Entirely.

So here’s the battle plan. Once the dev branch becomes more popular and I get Oxide working with it, I’ll release Oxide 2.0.0 to GSPs. There won’t be any major new features in Oxide, the 2.0.0 is just to make it obvious that it’s for the new rust. GSPs can choose whether or not to host stable Rust or dev Rust for their customers – and use either Oxide 1.18, or Oxide 2.0.0 respectively. This means that the new Oxide will be available for the new Rust for plugin authors to basically rewrite their plugins for the new version, while the old Oxide will still be around for the old Rust version for players who want to carry on playing without disruption.

I don’t know how long the period of transition between old and new will last. It’s up to Facepunch Studios when they decide to move the new Rust into the stable branch. When they do this, Oxide 1.18 will become obsolete and 2.0.0 will take over. Any plugins which haven’t been updated to 2.0.0 will stop working (we may even delete them if they aren’t updated).

In any case, we’ll keep you updated when anything else happens. The forum thread for this topic can be found at Happy rusting!

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