The Next Step

Posted on January 31, 2014

Oxide is a fully modular modding API for the Rust game server. Oxide utilises the Lua scripting language to provide a plugin based system to modify the core behaviour of the game. Plugins can modify existing functions or create their own. By using a modular plugin system, Oxide makes it easy to customise the server on which Oxide is running; it’s as simple as putting a file in a folder and starting the server!

Since launch, there have been over 100 unique plugins created by the community, and over 2,000 servers running Oxide; that’s more than half of all Rust servers! We’ve received tremendous amounts of feedback from our constantly growing community of 8,500-strong, consisting of plugin developers, server owners and players. One of our key objectives with Oxide is to meet the needs of those who use it, and we’ve received numerous suggestions for ways we can improve Oxide. The community has been requesting since the start, and the most popular suggestion by far is to open source Oxide.

As of today, the source to Oxide will be publicly available on GitHub! By open sourcing Oxide, we feel that we will be giving the community an opportunity to contribute new features and improve the Oxide modding API as a whole.  However, it is important to note that this will not mean that Oxide will be publicly available for all servers to use, it is still restricted to GSP-provided servers only.

View the GitHub repository here.

We hope that you will all join us in agreeing that this is the correct step forward for Oxide. Feel free to discuss this blog post on our forums!


What’s an open modding platform without its community though? There are some incredibly talented developers in our community, and we’d like to shine the spotlight on some of the amazing plugins that they’ve created using the Oxide modding API. If you’re already using their plugins, don’t forget to thank them for their work and rate and review their plugins!

  • “Basic Economy” by greyhawk – Introduces money into rust, allows players to buy/sell resources and earn money by killing zombies/animals. An extension for this plugin also allows players to place a bounty on another players head.
  • “Chat Moderation” by Berlo – Allows server admins to mute/unmute specific players, enable a global mute and enable a chat filter.
  • “Groups” by D4K1NG – Allows players to create a group and utilise many helpful features such as allowing/disallowing PvP between members, setting a MOTD and a group chat.
  • “MOTD” by rexas – Sends a message to the player/server when a player connects, messages are customisable with Username/SteamID.
  • “Whitelist” by Monstrado – Allows server owners to whitelist specific Steam IDs that should be allowed onto the server, if the connecting user’s ID isn’t on the list, they’re kicked.
  • “/location (Show coordinates)” by Pure Luck – Allows players to get their current coordinates and also gives them a URL which when visited, plots their position on the map. Also allows server admins to view the positions of everybody on the map.

– The Oxide Team

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